The first Bera-Themed RPG

You lead the party of four bears out into the Overworld, discovering new countries, exploring the Dungeons and helping other bears along the way! Banish evil forces from these lands and earn rewards for your bravery!

Fight and loot incredible bosses

Unlock the secrets of the ancient Dungeons in the Overworld, face fierce enemies and powerful bosses, and gather valuable resources and powerful equipment as a reward.

Explore the overworld

Unlock the full potential of the Mage, Warrior, and Hunter classes. Traverse through treacherous lands and unearth legendary weapons and equipment. Utilize them to vanquish your foes or trade them with other players in the in-game Auction House. But beware, for one false step may lead to the downfall of your entire party, which would mean losing all of your hard-earned gear. Sometimes selling or storing your items away is the right strategy.
*this is concept-stage, game may vary during development.

Collect the ultimate equipment

Embark on a journey of discovery as you unearth an array of legendary armors, powerful weapons, and ancient artifacts, each imbued with its own unique design and characteristics. Whether you're a seasoned warrior seeking to upgrade your arsenal or an adventurer seeking to uncover hidden treasures, Beramonium offers a vast realm of loot waiting to be explored and claimed by the bravest of gamers.

Start your adventure