Your team, your rules

Discover the three main classes: Warrior, Mage and Hunter. Each has two sub-classes allowing you to play the game in whatever style you prefer. Remember that some enemies will require a diverse team, so maybe running four Warriors isn’t such a hot idea.

Main Classes


The warriors are a versatile melee class that can be your stoic tank soaking in the onslaught of the enemies attacks, the bloodthirsty berserker that will overwhelm your enemies with monstrous strength, or even just a simple bera-fighter trying to make their name in the world and claim glory for the bera-nation.

Choose your path

Not the classic war between Good and Evil but Coexistence and Balance Choose which spirits to follow and create a ceremony between holy and dark in your bera team. No good can exist without evil, no evil can exist without good, keep that in mind young beras.


The Holy Spirits are ancient and powerful bears, revered for their wisdom and benevolent nature. They possess the ability to wield the holy powers of light and healing, and are often called upon to protect the land and its inhabitants from harm. Those who ally themselves with the Holy Spirits can expect to be guided by a powerful and noble force.


The Dark Spirits are mysterious and feared bears, known for their strength and cunning. These bears possess the ability to harness the dark powers of shadows, and are often seen as the ultimate warriors. The Dark spirits may have a more ruthless approach but they are not without honor, they are always true to their word, and those who earn their loyalty will find them to be incredibly powerful allies.